Screenshots of the foreign words dictionary and trainer MemoPump  

NewQuick Translation

Fast translation with using Hot Keys from any application.

"Puzzle" Exercise

The "Puzzle" method requires composing a word from its tossed letters.

"Hangman" Exercise

In game "Hangman" it is necessary correctly to guess right the think word.

"Mosaic" Exercise

Allows to memorize words more easy, prompting to select right translations for list of foreign words.

Vocabulary Editor

Provides an option to create new and to edit existing dictionaries of foreign words, to add and edit word cards.

"Variants" Exercise

Will help to memorize a foreign word proposing several translations for it. To specify your answer you will need to select the correct translation.

"Spelling" Exercise

Will help to learn correct spelling of foreign words. Displays word translation with following prompt of specifying its correct spelling.