Contact Information  

Your feedback is important to us in order to get an idea of how to make our programs a better product for you (feedback@memopump.com).

Technical support

For registered users, free technical support is available at support@memopump.com. We try to answer all e-mails, regardless of whether you are a registered user, within 48 hours.

Bug reports

Please submit to support@memopump.com and include:

  • Your program version as shown in "About MemoPump...", under the Help menu.
  • Windows version. Also clarify whether your Windows:
    • includes service packs and other fixes installed;
    • US or international;
    • OEM or not.
  • .Net Framework version.
  • Computer hardware: CPU class, memory and hard drive space available.
  • Description of the problem (please provide as much information as possible) and/or a screenshot (GIF), if words fail.