Foreign words dictionary and language trainer MemoPump  

The multilingual dictionary and words trainer MemoPump helps to increase one's vocabulary during learning any foreign language quickly. Fast translation of a foreign word from any application with using Hot Keys, will make your work with foreign texts more comfortable. MameMopump allows creating own full value dictionaries: it is possible to specify transcription for every lexical card; usage examples; dictionary entries; grammatical terms and forms. Using exercises built in into MemoPump (choosing translation variants, spelling, comparison, puzzles etc.) you will easily memorize any foreign word. Periodical quizzes, flexible system of prompting and statistics of testing will help to memorize new words quicker and more effectively. The application has a simple and convenient user interface and also provides rich capabilities of its using both as an ordinary electronic dictionary and as a convenient word trainer.

Main Features


  • Allows keeping in one dictionary word cards for several foreign languages.
  • Option to specify transcription, several independent translations, usage examples (phrases, sentences, etc.), grammatical terms and forms, and lexical cards for any dictionary.
  • Automatic creation of direct and reverse translations after word card entry.
  • Now you can load and save dictionaries as XML Document

Dictionary Editor

  • Provides an option to create new and to edit existing dictionaries of foreign words, to add and edit word cards.
  • Provides quick and convenient search in a dictionary, easy switching among languages and translation directions.
  • Using it you will be able to create and edit potions of foreign words, which will be used later in memorizing exercises.
  • Fully supports keyboard entry and automatic switching among keyboard layouts during editing or searching of word cards.

NewQuick Translation

  • Fast translation with using Hot Keys for a keyboard or mouse from any application.
  • You can set own combination of the Hot Keys
  • Quick search any word or phrase in a dictionary
  • Easy navigation

"Puzzles" Exercise

  • Supports two learning methods, "Puzzle" and "Hangman"
  • The "Puzzle" method requires composing a word from its tossed letters 
  • The "Hangman" method is implemented using the principle of the famous word game "Gallows". 

"Mosaic" Exercise

  • Allows to memorize words more easy, prompting to select right translations for list of foreign words
  • Drag'n Drop improves traing process
  • Supports direct and/or reverse testing mode, write training history, show tips and other.

"Variants" Exercise

  • Will help to memorize a foreign word proposing several translations for it. To specify your answer you will need to select the correct translation.
  • Two testing modes are provided: on the whole word card and by separate translation variants.
  • Allows doing direct and/or reverse testing.
  • Provided an option of hints displaying on incorrect answer, recording and displaying of testing history.
  • Provides an option to specify amount of words in the exercise, amount of proposed answer variants and many other.

"Spelling" Exercise

  • Will help to learn correct spelling of foreign words. Displays word translation with following prompt of specifying its correct spelling.
  • You can control prompting modes (if word length is to be displayed, option to specify percentage of letters of a word to be revealed, option to display incorrect translation variants with incorrectly entered letters highlighting).
  • Supports direct and reverse testing and automatic switching among keyboard layouts.
  • On answer check keyboard layout, separators and spaces are ignored.
  • An option to specify amount of words for the exercise and to control bonuses and penalties.

MemoPump Manager

  • Controls addin modules and statistics of words learning.
  • Provides an option to study a dictionary wholly or by parts.
  • Provides an option of automatic creation of parts or automatic adding of new words to a part during their memorizing.
  • An option to start exercises for testing in specified time periods and to minimize to the tray.
  • Now you can set launch method for exercise (to show information message before launch or to run exercise immediatelly)
  • Improved user interface.

MemoPump architecture

The program is built using dynamically attached modules (Add-ins) with usage of .Net Framework Ver.1.1 platform capabilities.

System Requirements

  • Operation Systems: Windows 98/Milenium/NT/2000/XP
  • The application requires installed .Net Framework Ver.1.1. This section of Microsoft site provides more information about the platform and the downloadable distributive itself.